Does He Shave? Good…Father’s Day Gift, Done!

Harry's shaving free trial

That was easy, right  Go buy yourself something nice and pretend you were worrying about finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for that dude who sleeps next to you every night (yea, the one who snores and complains a lot).

These razors are pretty slick and if you’re sick of waiting for the chick with the key to open up the case at RiteAid so you can get banged out $40 bucks a pop on a few razors, meet Harrys!  Or you can just buy him another ugly tie he’s not going to like anyway.

Harry’s has been blathering on about how they are reinventing shaving and how their blades are German made and of a better quality then the store bought stuff.  Being “German made” sounds cool too, isn’t everything made in Germany slick? (Mercedes, Bausch, Hugo Boss, Bruder, Brita) Regardless, they have a $30 promo kit for this groundbreaking holiday (are you sensing any sarcasm about this so-called holiday? Cause i’m laying it on pretty thick).

$2 per blade – Start Your Free Trial Now! 

We ordered ours a few weeks ago and I left it on the hubby’s sink without saying anything , I wanted to see what his reaction would be and if he would  be intrigued enough to just try it without my prodding (we call this research in case you’re wondering about my review skills).   Long story short, he loved it.  He had seen the commercials and sponsored articles online,  and thought it was a unique way to deal with the annoyance of keeping his razor game on point.  But he was never going to buy  it for himself, that would entail actually doing something for himself rather then just texting me to do it (zing, sorry couldn’t help it).   On that note, Happy Father’s Day shopping.  Done and Done!

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