Cranberries aren’t just for Thanksgiving

Cranberries, those cute little berries that we see around the Fall and Thanksgiving time.  Grown in bogs, and perfect to decorate your turkey or a random vase with.  But did you know that those little sweet fruits have more to them than just a decorative flavor?  You might not know this, but cranberries are really good for you!

Cranberries contain polyphenols, which is a natural anti-oxidant it is very beneficial in reducing risk for many diseases and cancer leading to promoting overall good health.  Using cranberry pills as they are most often sold, can reduce the risk of heart disease.  They are also great for flushing kidneys and they contain properties that block the bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums.  This leads to a lowered risk of plaque and periodontal disease according to the Nutritional Supplement Education Centre.

One of the top benefits of cranberry pills is the prevention of urinary tract infections.  So many women suffer from these and they are so painful!  Cranberry pills have anti-adhesion properties within the antioxidants that blocks the bacteria from sticking to the bladder.  A great tip would be to take a daily supplement if you are prone to them (of course consult your doctor before starting any new supplements).

Cranberry pills also help in detoxing the body from bad organisms that overload the body and stop its natural cleansing system from working properly.  The fruit itself, is a great source of vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamin K, dietary fiber, manganese, potassium, vitamin A and a proanthocyanidin that helps in cleansing and flushing kidneys.  Cranberry pills may also be helpful in cleansing the lymphatic system, helping in the elimination of fat and neutralizing the body’s waste products.

So is it better to drink the juice or swallow a pill?  Cranberry pills are more potent than the juice.  Cranberry pills are made from 100% cranberry, while the juice is diluted with water and less effective.  If you are watching calories, take the pill and save yourself from drinking them. Always check that your pills have 100% juice, otherwise they wont be as effective.

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