Win the new iPhone 7!

With news of the new iPhone X arriving sometime this Fall, we got to thinking that perhaps some of our favorite sweepstakes would be gearing up to give away the “old” iPhone 7 as the new X’s start to roll in.

Well, it looks like you’re in luck,  because our friends at SweepstakesCentral are giving away a brand spanking new iPhone7!  OK, I know what you’re thinking….it’s not the NEW iPhone 8, so why would I want it?  Let me just tell you from personal experience, this phone is amazing.  Coming from an android,  I was blown away by the features and the iOS supported iPhone so much so that i’m never going back to Samsung!  You can enter by clicking here  iPhone 7 Giveaway.

With that in mind, we put together a list of our favorite parts of the iPhone 7, and we’ll do the same when the 8 rolls around later this year.  Until then, good luck winning yourself an iPhone, click the banner and give it your best shot!


8 of our favorite features on the iPhone 7:

  1. Storage – Instead of the typical 16GB base storage plan, the 7 comes with a base 32GB option.  You can bump this up to 128GB or 256GB as well.
  2. Design – Not much in the way of design changes, although the 7 does get a dual camera, and you may notice that the antenna bands have shifted and are now at the edges of the top and bottom of the device.
  3. Camera – The iPhone 7 comes with optical image stabilization technology allowing for a clearer picture.  Complete with a six-element lens, and a wider f/1.8 aperture which Apple claims captures 50 percent more light.
  4. Lightning EarPods – That’s right, there is now one plug for power and for earbuds, so you’ll be using an adapter for your old headphones, or plugging right into the power slot with your new buds.
  5. Airpods – Apple unveils their first version of the wireless blue tooth earbuds, we really dig these.
  6. Speakers – This phone introduces stereo speakers for the first time in iPhone history, and it sounds awesome!
  7. Color options – There is a new shiny black version, as well as the typical matte finish. The shiny apple logo jumps out and looks really slick.   Also available is Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.
  8. New touch button – The home button now sports a solid slate capacitive home button that reacts to pressure.  its pretty amazing and you can now avoid that issue with the 6 where the button would get stuck from pocket-lint.  Its essentially just a flat button that doesn’t move, but gives the impression that it does.
Ready to try your luck?  Start here!

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