I love me some avocados, but hate that pit!

As a native Californian, I have grown up my entire life eating avocados. When we moved into our new house a few years ago, I was stoked that we had our very own avocado tree. I then became totally bummed because it didn’t fruit for another 3 years, even though it was 20+ years old. This year, we had so many that I had to give them away to anyone that wanted one. I became sick of them because we ate so many!  We then went through a dry spell and when I saw how much they cost at the store, I missed them.  Then they grew more!  Avocado for life!

The only problem with an avocado, is the preparation of it.  Meaning cutting through it and getting that pit out.  I have almost lost my thumb more than a few times trying to be all slick with a knife.  It wasn’t until my Mother in Law sent me this awesome OXO Good Grips avocado slicer that my life changed. No more risking finger losses!

I also came across this awesome step by step on Real Simple.  It shows you how to cut and peel an avocado in a few easy steps.  There is also a great video!

What You Need

  • avocado
  • glass bowl
  • cutting board
  • chef’s knife
  • large spoon

Follow These Steps

  1. Cut the avocado in half
    Using a sharp chef’s knife, slice through the avocado lengthwise until you feel the knife hit the pit. Then rotate the avocado, keeping the knife steady, to make a cut all around the pit. Twist the two halves apart.Tip: It’s safest to do this on a cutting board.Tip: To ripen a hard avocado, store it in a brown paper bag.
  2. Remove the pit
    Aim your knife at the pit and whack into it, using enough force that the knife won’t slip. Twist the knife to pull out the pit.Tip: Flick pit off the knife with your thumb or the side of a bowl.
  3. If dicing, score the flesh of the avocado without piercing the skin
    Use your knife’s tip to score avocado flesh, making squares, then scoop it out with a spoon.
  4. If slicing, scoop out and slice
    For neat slices, use your spoon to loosen skin all the way around, and scoop out the flesh whole. Place flat side down on cutting board and slice using the tip of your knife.

Now get to that guacamole making, stat!


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