We tried the new Halo Top flavors before you

Us Native Tulip’ers got a sneak peek at the new and exciting flavors hitting the Halo Top shelves soon. Here’s our breakdown and what we thought.There are 7 new flavors, and we can’t get enough of some of the new ones.  Let’s just say that there was fighting over the rest of a specific container.  I basically hid it from by husband in the freezer, it was THAT good.

Cinnamon Roll: So good, sweet but not overly teeth hurting.  Just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar flavoring.  I could definitely eat this next to some Vanilla Bean on a daily basis.

Pancakes and Waffles: Let’s just say that there wasn’t enough.  There was not enough to go around because I basically ate it all in one sitting.  This is the culprit that was hidden from my sweet and innocent husband behind the frozen waffles.  It was just so good.  The sweet of the vanilla base,  the maple swirl and OMG the pieces of waffle cone.  Just stop because I might cry knowing I am out.

Chocolate Covered Banana: It’s good- although a little bitter.  I could totally have this every so often.  I am not a normal banana ice cream fan, but this really has some good notes of sweet and fruity in the right places.

Mochi Green Tea: I won’t lie, not my fav although my husband liked it a lot.  I felt it didn’t really taste like your typical Green Tea ice cream, just off on it’s target.  He claims that there is a little too much Jasmine, but the mochi bits were a nice touch.  I will skip this one.

Rainbow Swirl: My son who is 5 cannot stop with this one.  He basically loves anything colorful, but this one is Orange, Green and Pink!  What more does a kid want in their ice cream.  It almost tastes like a sherbet, but it is really ice cream.  As my husband says “It’s childhood in a bowl.”

Candy Bar: Yum Yum and Yum.  Snickers, meets perfection basically.   It is sweet, it is salty, it is chocolatey.  There are crunchy bites with the roasted peanuts- wow it really is close to perfection!

Caramel Macchiato: The consensus on this is okay.  It is more caramel with a coffee aftertaste.  I would have preferred more of a coffee centric flavor, but overall we really liked it.

Keep an eye out for these new babies to hit the shelves, they are expected to roll out before the end of August.  Drop us a line and tell us which is your favorite!

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