This way to silky hair

beaker of hair oil

Who doesn’t want silky, soft hair?  I do, I do!

I have had a bit of a hair battle of sorts lately.  First of all, my hair doesn’t like me.  I went through an awful lot of trouble last summer to KEEP my hair, while going through treatment for Breast Cancer.  Now that I am healthy and successfully on the other and, my hair sucks.  I am incredibly grateful to HAVE hair, but it just is not the same.  I am assured that it will one day be its silky glorious self, but nope not there yet.

So what is a girl to do?  I have definitely been trying all different things to get it back to its natural state.  I went to the beauty supply store, and looked at all of the different products and dollar signs just kept racking up.  I left empty handed, but with a head full of ideas.

I started to research the benefits of Argan Oil.  I have heard of the this oil, originally derived from Morocco and started to delve deeper.  Hmm, fruit that is so nutritious that goats actually climb trees to eat it? Yes please!  Most of you have probably heard about Moroccan Oil, it became pretty trendy a few years ago, and a line came out and then that spiraled into a marketing frenzy.  Don’t get me wrong, its great but SOOOO expensive.  I am all for good hair products, but why splurge when you can save 90% with the same product at a cheaper cost?

argan oil makes hair silky

So, what exactly IS Argan Oil and what is so special about it?  First of all, it is rich with vitamins specifically A, C and E.  It is also full of antioxidants, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids.  When it is applied outside of the body, it can help boost cell production of skin and hair.  This is one of the reasons that high end beauty products have Argan Oil listed.  

The best thing about the beneficial properties of this oil, you don’t have to spend a million dollars.  Reently a friend told me that she purchased 100% Argan Oil at our local Trader Joe’s.  I love me some TJ’s, and now another reason to love them!  Their bottle retails for $6, and it will last you a really long time.  A little goes a long way, and all you need is a tiny bit to be on your way to beautiful lustrous hair.

A few other reasons to use Argan oil, is to protect hair from heated styling, swimming, sun damage, define curls, treatment for hair loss, tame frizzy hair and flyaway and lastly to treat dandruff.  Basically, it is your perfect everything serum!


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