Stop, Chop and Go

You’re on the go, it is 2:29 and you are starving.  There is no time to stop for a snack, because you have to get to two different schools in 29 minutes. You just can’t fathom eating the cheddar bunnies that your 2 year old left in the back seat before school this morning, so what do you do?  You remember that you put the most delicious beef jerky in your purse and literally go to town- before the kids get back in the car and steal it from you!

Let’s get real here, my usual snack of choice would be a protein bar, but the ones that taste the best, are the ones that are the worst for you!  They’re overly processed and full of artificial ingredients!  That’s why I was so happy to find a delicious and natural snack, that is perfect for my low-fat lifestyle.

You probably think i’m crazy for going on about jerky.  Usually it’s tough and chewy, and tastes way over processed.  That all changed when I tried CHOPS BEEF JERKY.  Chops Beef Jerky was created from a recipe using only premium ingredients and all-natural USDA Choice & Select beef brisket, sourced from American steer. Turns out, most companies use ungraded top round cuts of beef – sourced from old dairy cattle. Yuck! No wonder those other brands are so dry and tough. I swear that this is the most TENDER beef jerky ever.  My family fought over the last bag!

There are four delicious flavors of Chops Beef Jerky, Original, Teriyaki, Red Chili Pepper and Sweet & Spicy. My husband loves the Original, the kids scarfed down Teriyaki and I love the Red Chili and Sweet and Spicy!  Here are their descriptions.

Original: The Original flavor of Chops Beef Jerky has slight overtones of freshly ground black pepper, with a small hint of brown sugar culminating in an unrivaled and unbeatable flavor of jerky wholly unique to Chops Snacks.

Teriyaki: A tangy alternative to the original flavor, the Teriyaki flavor of Chops Beef Jerky brings jerky lovers the popular Teriyaki flavor with some added dimension to the ingredients, which results in a familiar, yet altogether new experience for consumers.

Red Chili Pepper: Created out of the sentiment from jerky lovers that the spicy flavors previously available simply didn’t live up to their expectations of heat, the Red Chili Pepper flavor of Chops Beef Jerky is game for even the most diehard of spice lovers.

Sweet and Spicy: the perfect balance between sweet pineapple and lemon juice with the kick from chili peppers, the Sweet and Spicy flavor is one that is sure to appease jerky lovers who want the best of both worlds.

Next time you’re jonesing for a snack, remember to stop, chop and go!

**This post contains sponsored content from Chops Snacks.

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