What’s in YOUR sunscreen?

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Beautycounter Protect Stick Sunscreen

Summer is here, the weather is warm, and that is the perfect setup for the beach.  What do you normally bring with you when you decide to “beach it?”  Thats right, a towel, sunglasses, a picnic and SUNSCREEN.  Have you ever thought that your sunscreen isn’t really what you think it is?  A recent study, conducted by Consumer Reports, shows that ONE THIRD of the ingredients in your sunscreen is not what they claim to be.  Um, what?

Yeah, exactly. Apparently out of 60 sunscreens tested, only 23 had the SPF labels that they so claimed to have.  How frightening to be putting sunscreen on you or your family and not really knowing what is in it.  Apparently the mineral and “natural” based sunscreens performed worse than the rest, compared to their competition.   As sad as it is, one of my family favorite BABYGANICS topped the list as claiming their SPF was less than half of what it claimed to be.  The bottle says SPF 50, meaning it was lower than SPF 25!  There goes that for my family!  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all babies should be covered up from the sun, with a MINIMUM SPF 30.

It’s a good thing that I discovered a new safer skincare company a few months ago.  BEAUTYCOUNTER is a better for you skincare brand, that takes your health into consideration.  Their mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.  All of their products are EWG approved and rank the highest on the SKIN DEEP database.   Finally a company that really cares about the consumer!

I fell in love with their sunscreen, and use it on myself and family all of the time.  It is so lightweight and the coverage is amazing!  All three that they sell have an SPF of 30 and are water resistant for an hour, perfect for kids!  There is a Protect All Over Sunscreen in a lotion format, a Protect Stick Sunscreen (Body) and a Protect Stick Sunscreen (Face).  The kids especially like the stick form, because they can get into the fun of applying it!  Does it get worse than trying to apply sunscreen to a slithering alligator of a child?

Discover more HERE. And check out the below graphic with tips for avoiding the sun’s harmful rays.

Protect yourself from the sun with these tips

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