FREE Disney Parks Planning Video….This is How We Plan Our Trips!

We’re gearing up for our yearly Disneyland trip with the family where we visit our favorite Disney Parks, so I figured I would take a totally different approach this year, and go with Disney’s guidelines.

Yes, every year we pack the kids up into the family truckster and head to WallyWorld.  Ok, sorry, that was my little 80’s joke, maybe like 1% of you just got that that, the rest are probably Millennials and have no idea what I’m talking about!  Actually, I think they just remade that movie, so maybe my odds are better?  Click below for your planning guide!

With that said, let me introduce you to the the Disney Parks Planning Guide….coming to you directly from the mouse himself! Basically, its a quick 10 minute streaming video that lays out the important stuff and somewhat gives you an update, but its super informative…..and, its FREE, so yea, what do do have to lose?  For those of you who have already seen this in the past, don’t give up that quickly, they update it every 2-3 months, so its chock full of awesome info and tips for your trip plans.  By the way, we also love this Disney Cruise Line $5k giveaway!  Thats right, you can win a free cruise!  

OK, so here’s how it works, they do ask for a bunch of info when you signup, but its Disney, its not like they are going to spam you or anything like that.  Here’s the thing, if you enter the info, you end up receiving some cool stuff.  For example, I put my 2 year old’s birthday in there last year, and we got this awesome Disney birthday card in the mail a year later when he turned 3! That’s so crazy, this company really takes care of their fans.

Sooooo, what are you waiting for?  Let’s plan this trip to Disney Parks!!!!!

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