Need a Side Hustle?

Yes, that’s right, I called it a “Side Hustle,” so what? I drive Uber and Lyft as my side hustle…what do you do? Recently I put the driving on hold and got myself into the survey hustle. Check these guys out at SurveyJunkie, where you trade answers for cash.   Whats that mean? That means  I fill out surveys in exchange for CASH. Yes, that’s right, cold…hard…cash!

But I don’t feel dirty about this because I’m actually helping brands figure out their agenda, I feel good about it.

Here’s the deal….all these big brands need feedback, they need to know what’s going on with their brand in the marketplace and how people are reacting. This is vital to their business and how they market their products.   And that’s where we come in; they ask people like us for our opinion, and in exchange they give us CASH…or Gift Cards, or points to use towards cash.

Along with this opportunity comes responsibility.  It’s really important that you’re honest though….this is all a waste of time if you don’t fill those surveys out honestly! This is a trade, we are trading our info for their MONEY! So please be honest and have fun with it.  Please leave comments and let me know how you did with this and if your experience was positive or negative.   Always looking for feedback!  Signup Here for SurveyJunkie

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